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EZTip No. 17 - Accessing the Skew-T in EZWxBrief

Want access to a Skew-T diagram for a particular airport in EZWxBrief? Here's how you can easily accomplish this. Let's say you are looking at the EZRoute Profile for a flight early tomorrow morning departing at 12Z. And you notice on the profile below that you'll be flying over some IFR (red) and low IFR (magenta) conditions as you head to the northwest toward Lubbock, Texas. Maybe you want to take a peek at the Skew-T diagram along this route. You have a couple of options.

First, you can tap or click on any of the equidistant segment markers along the route. Selecting these markers will open up the EZAirport view for nearest airport along the proposed route. Alternatively, you can click on any of the proximity airports shown along this route. For example, there's a red overcast station marker at 76 nm along the route. Just below that you'll see the airport label of KPEZ. If you click on that identifier, it will open up the EZAirport view for the Pleasanton Municipal Airport as shown below. To see the Skew-T forecast for this airport, tap or click on the menu icon next to the Home button and then select Skew-T Diagram.