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EZTip No. 20 - Wind forecasts used in the EZDeparture Advisor evaluation

There are two forecasts for surface winds that are used in the EZWxBrief progressive web app. This includes a forecast for prevailing wind speed and wind gusts at airports within the EZWxBrief domain. These are displayed on the map as a station marker for wind speed, wind gust or wind barbs that include both velocity and direction as shown below. In the layer selector, choose the Station Markers layer, then choose Surface Wind Speed and set the switch to on for Barbs.

The departure advisor includes an evaluation for personal weather minimums for the crosswind component at the departure and destination airports. Shown below is the settings for the departure airport with the personal minimum set to 12 knots (right-most setting) and the conservative personal minimum set to 6 knots (left-most setting). In this example for the departure airport, this directs EZWxBrief to look at all possible runways at the departure airport as entered in the proposed route to determine if the forecast crosswind component is greater than or equal to 12 knots. If this is the case, it means that the crosswind personal weather minimum has been exceeded and in the EZDeparture Advisor it will show up as red (third element from the top). Please note that this does NOT consider the wind gust forecast (if any).