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Here's your chance to preorder The Skew-T log (p) and Me: A primer for pilots. This is the most comprehensive book written for general aviation pilots about the Skew-T log (p) diagram. This text is written by aviation weather expert, Dr. Scott Dennstaedt, who is an experienced CFI and former NWS meteorologist and is the founder of the EZWxBrief progressive web app and co-author of Pilot Weather: From Solo to the Airlines. When it is ready for publication on July 25, 2022 (or sooner), The Skew-T log (p) and Me will contain over 200 pages and is filled with over 200 images of diagrams and figures to help you become proficient using this aviation weather power tool.

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To a large extent, the study of weather, better known as meteorology, is rooted in a few fundamental properties. It is these properties that are the key to unlocking all that the Skew-T log (p) diagram has to offer. Even though some of the concepts and dialogue presented in this primer are quite challenging even for the most seasoned pilot, they are born out of these fundamental properties of air.

A thermodynamic chart such as the Skew-T log (p) diagram is the best kept secret in aviation. This primer is the most comprehensive resource available for general aviation pilots that who want to leverage its use as supplemental weather guidance for preflight route planning. Specifically, the Skew-T log (p) diagram allows you to “drill down” over a particular location to identify or describe adverse weather better in time and space than any other single chart or diagram. Are you ready to unlock its plentiful secrets?

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At the moment, this book is available in digital format only. However, there are two ways to purchase the eBook. You can purchase a single digital copy or you can purchase a copy that will allow you to receive any new major revisions of the book that get published through July 26, 2027. However, we are only accepting preorders for the version with updates at this time. If you want to purchase just the single copy with no updates, then please check back on or about July 25, 2022.

To preorder the book please visit and add the "eBook w/updates" version to your shopping cart. You can check out and pay using your PayPal account or you can pay as a guest with a major credit card.

For a limited time, you can reserve your digital copy of The Skew-T log (p) and Me with updates for $69.95 (list price is $89.95). When the book is released at the end of July, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your personal digital copy. Please note: the purchase you make today includes a download with the title page of the eBook only. The eBook you will download when it becomes available at the end of July will be in PDF format so you can easily add it to your library of other eBooks.

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Most pilots are weatherwise, but some are otherwise

Dr. Scott Dennstaedt

Weather Systems Engineer

Founder, EZWxBrief™

CFI & former NWS meteorologist

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