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Release notes for EZWxBrief v1.0.8

Here are the release notes for EZWxBrief version 1.0.8. There's nothing to download, just close and restart the progressive web app (PWA) on your device and you'll have the latest release at your fingertips. Here are the changes implemented in this release...

  • Extended the WRF-ARW EZImagery from a lead time of 36 hours to 48 hours

  • Extended the HREF EZImagery from a lead time of 36 hours to 48 hours

  • Extended the Gridded LAMP MOS sky cover from a lead time of 25 hours to 38 hours

  • Increased the size of the Up/Down elements on the route editor for altitude to make them easier to tap or click to increase/decrease Kthe altitude on smaller devices

  • Changed the label on the Pilot Weather Reports layer selector from kft to FL (Flight Level)

  • Fixed an issue on the Meteogram that was causing long airport names to be wrapped; those names are now shortened or abbreviated to fit in the space provided

  • When scrolling on the EZRoute Profile and Meteogram on the EZAirport views, the altitude reference labels on the left now remain fixed in place instead of scrolling

  • Updated the Weather layer icons and tabular pop up on the EZMap that were not being properly translated for some precipitation type combinations in surface observations

  • Minor updates and additions to the Pilots Guide

  • Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

Enjoy the simplicity of EZWxBrief!

Your EZWxBrief support team

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