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The Daily Weather Roundup - flying to SUN 'n FUN

Are you heading to SUN 'n FUN in Lakeland, Florida this year? Is so, mark your calendars. You may want to check out the EZWxBrief YouTube channel beginning on Wednesday, March 30th at 3 pm EDT each day. Dr. Scott Dennstaedt will be doing a 20 to 30 minute live broadcast with a weather overview each day (including Saturday and Sunday). The goal is to highlight adverse weather throughout the U.S. that may impact those pilots flying to this area as well as the weather for the Lakeland and surrounding airports. The last broadcast will be a 3 pm EDT Monday, April 4th.

Even if you are not planning to fly or even attend the event, you can tune in each day to learn more about how to interpret long- and short-range weather guidance that is available in EZWxBrief. If you cannot attend live, these daily broadcasts are being recorded and will be available on the EZWxBrief YouTube channel shortly after the live broadcast ends. These videos are in addition to the Daily EZ Weather Brief program currently provided live on YouTube at 7:15 a.m. each weekday morning. Please note that this is being freely offered for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered a formal weather briefing as required by 14 CFR 91.103 (a).

Scott will also be doing a total of four presentations on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in CFAA-01 (the room that is the school's cafeteria on the first floor). See the Daily SUN 'n FUN forum schedule here. And if you can't attend these presentations, stop by the SiriusXM tent and say hello. I will be also be at the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) booth in Hangar A on Wednesday 3 - 4 pm, Thursday 3 - 4 pm and Friday 9 - 10 am.

Hope to see you there. Spread the word and please subscribe to the EZWxBrief YouTube channel and turn notifications on so you don't miss any published content.

Most pilots are weatherwise, but some are otherwise

Dr. Scott Dennstaedt

Weather Systems Engineer

Founder, EZWxBrief™

CFI & former NWS meteorologist

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