Getting Started with Constant Pressure Charts Recording

Getting Started with Constant Pressure Charts Recording


Aviation is a three-dimensional mode of travel, distinguished from other forms of transit by its vertical component. Learning about weather aloft helps pilots obtain that all-important big picture in 3D of the atmosphere.  The evolution of a low pressure system at the surface only tells a small part of the story.  To get the entire story, you need to also study the evolution of upper level features such as troughs and ridges. Constant pressure charts are the ugly stepchild when it comes to aviation weather training.  However, it is more than just a depiction of the winds and/or temperatures aloft, but provides a solid understanding of the dynamics and structure in the atmosphere much better than any other forecast.


In this webinar you will learn why constant pressure charts are important to examine prior to every flight. You will be taught how upper level weather systems evolve and how they relate to weather features at the surface.  After the webinar you will be able to identify and characterize the location of adverse weather from studying the ridge and trough patterns found on a constant pressure chart from a numerical weather prediction model.  

This webinar was recorded in August 2019 and is available for free to all registered attendees.  If you registered and paid for the live webinar you will receive an email with a promo code to get your free digital copy of the recorded webinar.  Otherwise, you can purchase a recorded copy now.

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