In-Flight Hazard Avoidance Strategies Recording

In-Flight Hazard Avoidance Strategies Recording


Even after you close the door on the cockpit to depart, weather analysis never ends. Whether you are flying an aircraft below 10,000 feet or in the flight levels, knowing how to deal with weather as it evolves while in flight is a must.  What happens if you find yourself in icing conditions that you didn't expect?  What's the safest course of action?  You notice while maintaining altitude in smooth air at constant power your airspeed suddenly increases or decreases by 30 knots, what might be going on?  You discover while flying over mountainous terrain that the winds aloft are 50 knots, not 30 as you expected.  Does that mean you should slow down and expect significant turbulence?  When confronted with a thunderstorm, is it better to fly around the front or back side of that cell?  These are just a few of the topics we'll be addressing in this webinar.

This is a brand new webinar and was recorded from a four hour live webinar held in March 2019. 

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