Advanced Skew-T Concepts Part 1 Recording

Advanced Skew-T Concepts Part 1 Recording


There are very few weather tools that provide so many important details as does the Skew-T log (p) diagram. Using the tool to drill down is a great way to augment your understanding of the big weather picture. Combined with surface analysis and prog charts, constant pressure charts and a multitude of other analyses and forecasts, the Skew-T will add confidence that you are making the right decision to depart or perhaps should stay on the ground. 


In Part 1 of this webinar, we'll do a quick overview of the base diagram and review lapse rates before we explore some advanced topics on how to use the diagram to determine the potential for deep, moist convection, icing, turbulence and non-convective low level wind shear. What we don't cover in this webinar will be covered in Part 2 at a later time. 

This webinar was recorded from a live session in May 2020 and is available for free to all registered attendees. If you registered and paid for the live webinar you will receive an email to get your free digital copy of the recorded webinar. Otherwise, you can purchase a recorded copy now.


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