What You Need to Know About Airframe Icing Recording

What You Need to Know About Airframe Icing Recording


Whether flying during the warm or cold season, understanding the factors associated with airframe icing is critical especially for pilots flying under instrument flight rules (IFR). Icing is a complex topic and demands a challenging dialog.  Rules of thumb that you may have been taught during your primary training can be dangerous and often replaces real weather analysis that is paramount to minimizing your exposure to airframe icing.  In this webinar, we will shed some light on how clouds form and how they can become a serious icing hazard to pilots.  This webinar is designed to promote situational awareness when airframe icing is a flight risk. This includes a discussion on the factors associated with airframe icing and presents the latest analysis tools and techniques that can be incorporated by pilots to gain the most utility from their aircraft throughout the year without compromising safety. 


This webinar was recorded in November 2019 and is available for free to all registered attendees.  If you registered and paid for the live webinar you will receive an email with a promo code to get your free digital copy of the recorded webinar.  Otherwise, you can purchase a recorded copy now.

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