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Online Training

Private 1-on-1 expert aviation weather training

     Through the magic and bandwidth of high-speed Internet and the newest web-conferencing software, live online training can now be part of your formal education process. Web-conferencing software using Zoom™ enables a peer-to-peer or many-to-many medium for formal training tailored specifically for you. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing the weather for a proposed route you are planning to fly today, tomorrow or even several days from now.  


     The typical private or tailored online session may consist of a PowerPoint™ presentation with the ability to share the presenter or participant’s desktop applications including an Internet browser and the EZWxBrief progressive web app. Desktop or screen sharing enables the presenter to surf the Internet in real time while the participant follows along as if the participant is looking over the presenter’s shoulder in the same room. Audio is accomplished via a telephone conference or using voice over IP (VoIP) via the Internet (a headset is strongly recommended).




     Each online session can be purchased at 30-minute or 60-minute lengths and can cover many aviation weather topics designed to pick up where your primary training left off. Topics include, but are not limited to, examining the weather along a proposed route of flight. While we are not your official briefer, we can provide you the skills to improve your route-based preflight weather analysis.


     Want to do a deeper dive and save money? Consider purchasing an annual subscription plan which includes 10 hours of online training at a reduced cost. You can use these 10 sessions over the next year to dive deeper into a particular topic such as airframe icing, expand your general aviation weather knowledge or you may want to use the sessions for training to improve your route-based briefing approach for flights you will be taking over the next year. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or just received your private pilot certificate, let Dr. Scott Dennstaedt show you how to get the most out of an online weather briefing* and build your confidence in preflight weather analysis. 

*EZWxBrief is the tool used for training to brief a proposed route.

Online Training Availability

Monday thru Friday  9 am to 5 pm eastern time.

At this time there is no availability during weekends, evenings & holidays.

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