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Corporate headquarters:


AvWxWorkshops Inc

Charlotte, North Carolina

Need an aviation speaker?

Looking for a keynote speaker at your next aviation event or program?  Scott would welcome the opportunity to speak at your next event. 

His qualifications and experience as a flight instructor and former NWS research meteorologist offer a unique perspective to aviation weather not found anywhere else in aviation.  If you are interested in obtaining more information on how to hire Scott to speak as an aviation weather expert at your next event send an e-mail to


Dr. Scott Dennstaedt

Scott owns and operates AvWxTraining & EZWxBrief ( and is the president and CEO of AvWxWorkshops Inc headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a former National Weather Service research meteorologist and is an FAA-certificated instrument flight instructor specializing in technically advanced aircraft (TAA) and aviation weather training. He earned a Ph.D. in Infrastructures & Environmental Systems from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has written over 300 articles for various aviation magazines and is a contributing editor for FLYING magazine. Scott is the author of The Skew-T log (p) and Me: A Primer for Pilots released in 2022 and a co-author of Pilot Weather:  From Solo to the Airlines

Background and Experience


Scott participated in the initial development of the Cirrus Pilot Proficiency Program (CPPP) for the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association. He also participated in the development of the Cessna Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training (CAART) program for the Cessna Advanced Aircraft Club. Scott is a former Cessna 400/350 (formerly Columbia) factory instructor and former Cirrus Standardized Instructor (CSIP).


Scott has logged over 4,000 hours of flight time (3,500+ hours in technically advanced aircraft) and has been flying since the mid 1990s. He's always had a love for weather and aviation since childhood and is enjoying his true vocation of teaching.


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The best way to reach Scott is to fill out the Contact Us form below.

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