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May 2021 EZNews

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Hello and welcome to EZWxBrief!

April 7, 2021 was the public debut of EZWxBrief, your best online source for aviation weather and education. And yes, purple is our brand color. At EZWxBrief, we couldn’t be more pleased at the response we’ve gotten thus far. Over the last few weeks we’ve received a ton of feedback. A big thanks to our current members and to all of those that have taken the leap of faith and moved to the EZWxBrief family. We appreciate how many of you have already spread the word to other pilots about this groundbreaking new application. Please keep that momentum going and don't forget our customer referral program. If you recommend EZWxBrief to a friend and that new member pays for an annual membership, we will add a month to your current EZWxBrief subscription. More details about that program can be found here.

Here's what others are now saying about EZWxBrief...