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August 2022 EZNews

Hello again and thanks for reading the 16th edition of EZNews!

We appreciate those that have recently joined, renewed their membership or signed up for auto-renewal. We truly appreciate your generosity which helps support our continued innovation moving forward. Did you know about the EZWxBrief customer referral program? You can read about that program here. We look forward to continued growth and for all members to enjoy the simplicity of EZWxBrief.

EZWxBrief version 1.2.1 was released this past month to improve the consistency between the forecasts shown on the EZMap, EZAirport Meteogram and EZRoute Profile. We are still hard at work to make changes to the underlying data infrastructure to improve the user experience and speed of the progressive web app. Those changes will be rolled out over the next eight to ten months.


Currently the Gridded LAMP MOS forecasts within the EZImagery are available but due to a problem with a NWS server, you may see older runs of the Gridded LAMP forecast mixed in with the latest run. A ticket has been opened on this with the NWS, and we have requested that the ticket be escalated. However, we do not currently have any estimate for when this weather guidance will return in full. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you use this forecast guidance with extreme care and be sure to double check the valid time on any of the forecasts.

The Skew-T log (p) and Me eBook is here!

As was promised, Scott's new eBook, The Skew-T log (p) and Me: A primer for pilots was formally released at AirVenture on Monday, July 25th. If you preordered the book you should have received an email that outlined how to download your copy. Please check your spam/junk folder for this email. Please send us an email at if you have any questions about your preorder.

You can order the eBook today to purchase just a single copy or you can purchase the version that includes any free major revisions that are made through July 26, 2027. The eBook contains over 200 charts, diagrams and images and is nearly 300 pages in length. It is the most comprehensive book written on the Skew-T log (p) diagram specifically tailored for general aviation pilots and dispatchers. Currently this is only available in eBook format, but we may offer a limited-time print edition in the near future.

AirVenture 2022

EZWxBrief did not have a booth this year at the event (maybe next year), but Dr. Scott Dennstaedt held five presentations that were extremely well attended. The crowds were likely record breaking and the weather during the week of the event was splendid. It was great to see many of you that reached out and made it a point to stop by and say hello. Your words of encouragement were greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year for AirVenture 2023. We expect to have a round of new presentations and a chance to speak one-on-one with those that stop by our booth.

Please install EZWxBrief as a progressive web app

For members new to EZWxBrief - you won't find EZWxBrief in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. In fact, if you do that, you'll be directed to the wrong app. For the best user experience, EZWxBrief is optimized to run as a progressive web app (PWA) and must be installed on your device. This is especially important for smaller handheld devices (e.g., iPhone or iPad). This only takes a few seconds of your time for each device. Please see the Pilots Guide for more information on how to install EZWxBrief as a PWA on your devices.

Changes to The Daily EZ Weather Brief are coming

Hopefully you've had a chance to view The Daily EZ Weather Brief each weekday morning that gives pilots an overview of the flying weather for the day across the conterminous U.S. and southern Canada. Given the reduced number of viewers for this daily program over the last two months, number of days of the week will be reduced from five to four starting on August 2nd. You can go to the EZWxBrief YouTube channel Tuesday through Friday at 7:20 a.m. EDT to watch the live broadcast or view the recorded version that gets posted shortly thereafter.

EZTip of the week

Starting Monday, August 8th, all subscribers that have opted in to email correspondence within EZWxBrief will be receiving a tip of the week to help you learn how to get the most from the EZWxBrief progressive web app. This will be pushed out via email on Monday morning each week and available in the EZWxBrief blog under the new EZTip category. If you don't want to receive this weekly EZTip, please feel free to unsubscribe and we won't bug you any more.

Most pilots are weatherwise, but some are otherwise™

Dr. Scott Dennstaedt

Weather Systems Engineer

Founder, EZWxBrief™

CFI & former NWS meteorologist

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