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Here's how to delete the EZWxBrief cache on portable Apple devices

Updated: Mar 29

Deleting the cache on your iPhone or iPad may help with any issue you may have when the app is slow to load. Here's how to delete the ezwxbrief cache on your portable device if you are using Safari.

  1. Close the EZWxBrief progressive web app like you would any other app by swiping up.

  2. Open the device Settings.

  3. Scroll down until you see the Safari entry. Tap on the Safari icon to open up the Safari settings.

  4. Scroll down to the very bottom where you will see the Advanced setting. Tap on that.

  5. Under Advanced, tap on the Website Data setting.

  6. Under the Website Data type in in the search field.

  7. That should provide you with the number of bytes that the EZWxBrief is using.

  8. Slide that to the left and tap on Delete.

  9. Restart the EZWxBrief progressive web app.

You may also want to delete the app and reinstall if you are still having issues. Here are those steps found in the Pilots Guide to reinstall the EZWxBrief progressive web app.

Most pilots are weatherwise, but some are otherwise

Dr. Scott Dennstaedt

Weather Systems Engineer

Founder, EZWxBrief™

CFI & former NWS meteorologist

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