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The scoop on progressive web apps (PWAs) & EZWxBrief

Updated: Jan 10

EZWxBrief is optimized to run as a progressive web app (PWA). So if you are not running it as a PWA, then you are not getting the best user experience. What is a progressive web app as compared to a native app you might download from the App Store or Google Play Store?

First of all, notice below on the iPad that there's no back or forward buttons or address bar/bookmarks when using a progressive web app. In fact, it is very hard to tell the difference between the PWA and a native app. Installation of the progressive web app is quite simple and only takes a few seconds to install. So let's look at the advantages of a PWA and how it compares to native apps or basic web applications.

Advantages of PWA

  • Compatibility and Full Responsiveness — They provide basic functionality and content to everyone regardless of browsers you use or connection quality. They can even deliver more sophisticated page versions to users if their newer browsers can support them.

  • Connectivity — Progressive Web Apps don’t require you to depend on a good connection as they can work on low-quality networks and even offline.

  • App-like interface — Companies spend on PWAs over other Apps because they can mimic the navigation and interactions of native apps. Push notifications, for instance, can keep customers interested, motivating them to open and use an app more.