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Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System (MRMS) available at a FIS-B receiver near you!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

If you haven't heard the acronym MRMS, you are not alone. There's no doubt that you will be hearing it more often in the coming months and years - of course, let everyone know where you heard about it first!

What is MRMS?

It consists of many radar-based products, but for all intents and purposes for this discussion, it is a radar mosaic. So, you ask, there are plenty of radar mosaics out there, why is this one so special? According to NOAA, "MRMS is a system with automated algorithms that quickly and intelligently integrate data streams from multiple radars, surface and upper air observations, lightning detection systems, and satellite and forecast models." MRMS has been around for quite a while and was made operational in 2014.

The goal of MRMS is to produce the best radar depiction (and other products not discussed here) to improve the decision-making capability for severe weather forecasts and warnings, hydrology, aviation, and numerical weather prediction. MRMS does this through a multi-radar and multi-sensor approach. Although, it's important to understand that not all MRMS radar products will use sensor data other than those from NEXRAD. The most popular products that use other sensor data are the reflectivities interpolated to constant temperature altitudes, the gauge-corrected QPEs, and the lightning probability just to name a few.