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Release notes for EZWxBrief v2.0.1

Updated: Jul 11

Here are the release notes for EZWxBrief™ version 2.0.1

  • For devices with a keyboard, you can now use the left and right arrow keys to move the time slider on the Imagery view.

  • Added static imagery for airframe icing and turbulence to replace the Aviation Weather Center imagery that was terminated in May.

  • Created a smoother experience when sliding the EZDeparture Advisor.

  • Removed the ability to hover over or tap on route segment points that are depicted as a latitude/longitude.

  • Corrected an issue where the meteogram view day/night shading was was not rendering at the proper sunrise/sunset times for the airport.

  • Fixed the tabular display for the Flight Category bar on the Meteogram view that flashed or flickered when hovering over it for certain valid times.

  • Corrected an issue that did not take some users to the correct Landing Page after signing in.

  • The EZForecast station markers tabular display from the Map now has consistency between the Clouds field and Weather field when there were few or scattered clouds forecast for the station.

  • Added legends for many of the Station Marker layers that can be accessed through the info button in the masthead.

  • Fixed an issue where the Recent Routes in the Dashboard was only showing the most recent five routes instead of ten.

  • Increased the vertical width of the flight category bar on the Route Profile and Meteogram to make it easier to tap on handheld touch screen devices.

  • Squashed a number of smaller bugs and made other under-the-hood enhancements to make the platform more stable and responsive on handheld devices.

Given that EZWxBrief is a progressive web app, there's nothing you need to do. New releases are seamless and become available the next time you restart the app.

Your EZWxBrief™ support team

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