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Satellite-delivered weather - manual gross filter strikes again!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Do you notice anything unusual about the XM-delivered satellite weather radar image below? This image was taken from the XM-delivered satellite weather broadcast and shows a grid of five recent lightning symbols and a single Storm Cell Identification & Tracking (SCIT) marker just to the west of Charlotte, North Carolina. If this were truly a thunderstorm, where are the radar returns? Is it possible to have lightning without any precipitation?     

The radar feature is definitely selected and the radar portion of the broadcast was indeed received.  This can be verified by looking at a wider view of the Southeast on the image below This view clearly shows that the radar broadcast was received since there are valid returns shown in eastern Alabama.  In addition to the missing returns west of Charlotte, notice that there is also a similar issue in northern Georgia.  So what could cause such an anomaly?  

First, let's take a look at the source of this data, namely, the NWS WSR-88D NEXRAD Doppler radar out of Greer, South Carolina. If the data is missing from the source, then that may explain why the broadcast was incomplete. The radar image shown below is valid at the same time and clearly shows a cell to the west of Charlotte in the same location as the lightning symbols and SCIT marker. The complete image also clearly shows precipitation over northern Georgia this is also missing from the