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Are you baffled by the discussion?

Since I introduced the area forecast discussions (AFDs) to pilots a couple decades ago, this has become a common resource for pilots to review when making operational decisions as it relates to weather. These are issued by the forecasters at the 123 National Weather Service local Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) throughout the United States and its territories. The colored areas below are called county warning areas (CWAs) and that represents the WFO boundaries. The same forecasters at these offices issue TAFs for airports that are in their CWA.

In EZWxBrief, you can access these AFDs through the EZAirport page by choosing the menu icon on the right then select Discussion as shown below. Based on the airport chosen (in this case KLGA), EZWxBrief will compare that airport to its location in the CWAs above and provide the appropriate discussion for that airport.

Each AFD has two primary parts of interest to pilots. The first consists of a synoptic overview and a review of the forecast weather over the next few days. The second part is the AVIATION section where the forecaster will discuss any pertinent information about the TAFs they issue for their CWA. This second part is generally written in such a way that it is easily understood by any pilot or other stakeholder in aviation (e.g., air traffic controller). How much information they put into this section often depends on the specific WFO and the individual meteorologist, In some cases, a forecaster can pack a lot of information into that AVIATION discussion and some will offer very little deta