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Release notes for EZWxBrief v1.0.4

Here are the release notes for EZWxBrief version 1.0.4. There's nothing to download, just close and restart the progressive web app on your device and you'll have the latest release at your fingertips. Here are the changes implemented in this release...

  • Fixed an issue where a High convective potential in the EZAirport meteogram time series graph was improperly categorized with green and not red

  • Minor enhancement in highlighting textual TAF and METAR code for strong and/or gusty winds and non-convective LLWS

  • Extended time of email link to activate a trial account from one day to one week

  • Fixed an issue where EZSettings changes were not causing the browser's cache to be refreshed

  • Aligned sunrise and sunset for sun/moon weather icons as shown on the Meteogram

  • Minor updates to the Pilots Guide

  • Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

Enjoy the simplicity of EZWxBrief!

Your EZWxBrief support team

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