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September 2021 EZNews

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Hello and welcome to the 5th edition of EZNews!

We really appreciate all of those subscribers that have recently joined, renewed their membership or signed up for auto-renewal, especially those we had the pleasure of meeting in person at AirVenture and the MMOPA convention in Nashville! Version 1.0.5 of EZWxBrief was released at the end of August. This includes some user experience enhancements for portable devices. We continue to improve the responsiveness of EZWxBrief on smaller portable devices, especially the iPad and Android tablets. Those are being tested now and we'll be releasing more updates in the early part of Fall.

Getting started with EZWxBrief

We want you to get the most from the EZWxBrief progressive web app. Any new application is sure to be unfamiliar and may not be immediately intuitive. So we are now offering a free 15 minute 1-on-1 overview of EZWxBrief if you are struggling to understand how to get started with the app. So this is your chance to book a free session so we can help get you started using the app for your preflight planning. Please note that this free session is not meant to examine the weather for a proposed flight or to provide any other weather training. It is designed to provide a brief overview so that you can be successful in using the many groundbreaking features of the app. Visit to book your free 15 minute session (no credit card is required).